13.-18. July 2021



Info for skydivers

Jumps to suit EVERY level

Whether you are a budding head down flyer, you can just hold a sit or you are getting in to 8-16 way FS or you are wingsuiting, we will guarantee there is a group for you to join at the JT Festival.

We are committed to make this the best skydiving experience of your life... so get registered and get ready to feel tingly from head to toe with skydiving excitement.

Organizers Galore

You will have world class athelete on EVERY load... find a group and take advantage of this amazing opportunity to jump again and again with the worlds best flyers. 

Freefly Startups

Really want to try that free fly stuff, but have no idea where to start? At the JT Festival we have many organizers brimming with excitement to introduce you to the air. 

Please mail sport@jump-tandem.cz for more information.

Wingsuit Flying

We are very happy to have wingsuit flyers with us. We will have a selection of wingsuit demos, so come and have a try and get organized by one of the worlds most experienced wing suit flyers.

Formation Skydiving

Bigways organized with LOs.